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A weekly show from journalists Steve Sweeney, Ben Cowles and their Morning Star comrades, Podaganda is the podcast the corporate media warned you about: It's adversarial, sweary and profoundly left-wing.

Jan 17, 2020

PODAGANDA is back after a much-needed break from 2019 and ready to take on the new decade. In this episode, journalists Ben Cowles, Steve Sweeney and Bethany Rielly discuss:

  • The Turkish government’s proposed changes to child sex laws (4:09)
  • The 1,000 refugees pushed back to war-torn Libya in the first two weeks of 2020 (11:50)
  • The protesters who tried to cut Israel’s fence around Gaza fence (20:58)

As always, brace yourself for profoundly left-wing views and plenty of bad language

Show notes

The Evening Moon podcast was the pilot version of this here podcast. Check out episode three of the Evening Moon here if you like: 

You can send messages of support for the HDP women’s conference in Turkey here: Be sure to CC Steve on: 

Turkish troops mobilise for war in Libya: 

Almost 1,000 refugees pushed back to war-torn Libya in the first two weeks of 2020: 

Frontex blasted for boasting of decline of migrants into Europe as rescuers witness refugees pushed back to war-torn Libya: 

Here’s CNN’s footage of African migrants being sold as slaves market in Libya: 

Here’s Ben’s interview with Italian researcher Matteo Villa debunking the idea that search and rescue operations are encouraging people to risk their lives at sea: 

Activists make unprecedented attempt to cut Gaza fence in protest of 13-year Israeli siege: 

Israeli warplanes pummel Gaza: 

Here’s the Chomsky interview Ben mentioned. Nine minutes in he speaks about why it is not in the interests of the Arab states to help the Palestinian cause: 

Israeli commandos kill activists on flotilla bound for Gaza: 

Here’s Green Day’s When I Come Around in case you never heard it: 

Here’s the album grandad Steve chose to have on repeat for the rest of eternity: 

Intro music by Jamie Thrasivoulou and Andrew De’Ath.

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