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A weekly show from journalists Steve Sweeney, Ben Cowles and their Morning Star comrades, Podaganda is the podcast the corporate media warned you about: It's adversarial, sweary and profoundly left-wing.

Nov 8, 2019

IN episode nine of Podaganda journalists Ben Cowles and Steve Sweeney are joined by their Morning Star colleague Kadeem Simmonds to discuss:

  • General Election 2019 (1.40)
  • Footballers defending billionaires against Labour (16:36)
  • Anti-neoliberal protests around the world (24:48)
  • And the Joker from a leftwing perspective (Spoilers!)(37:48)

As always brace yourself for profoundly left-wing views and plenty of bad language

Show Notes


Check out Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson’s sketchy voting record here: 


Read the Morning Star’s front-page story on former BBC radio host and Tory party candidate Nick Conrad here: 


Here’s an audio clip of Nick Conrad in action: 


Watch this video of a Jewish woman on BBC Question Time defending Jeremy Corbyn and Labour Party policies and calling out the rightwing press’ weaponisation of antisemitism: 


Check out our interview with Chilean exile Francisco Dominguez about the anti-government protests in Chile: 


Chilean police accused of raping protester: 


Crackdown on protesters and opposition leaders in Ecuador gathers pace: 


Lebanon protesters on the streets 'for as long as it takes': 


Follow Steve’s Iraq coverage here:  


OPCW abandons Turkey chemical attack investigation: 


Check out the trailer for Joker here: 


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Check out Kadeem’s American Football podcast Nickel and Dime here: as well as on Spotify and iTunes. 


Intro music by Jamie Thrasivoulou and Andrew De’Ath.