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A weekly show from journalists Steve Sweeney, Ben Cowles and their Morning Star comrades, Podaganda is the podcast the corporate media warned you about: It's adversarial, sweary and profoundly left-wing.

Jun 25, 2019

IN this special bonus episode of Podaganda, Ben Cowles and Steve Sweeny speak with Andrew Smith from Campaign Against the Arms Trade (Caat) about their legal victory halting weapon sales to Saudi Arabia. 


Show notes


Read about Caat’s Arms to Renewables campaign here: 


Read about the Italian...

Jun 21, 2019

IN this special bonus episode of Podaganda, Ben Cowles speaks with historian, activist, broadcaster, trade unionist and all-round legend Dr Louise Raw about:


  • Establishment history vs working-class history;
  • Pissing off the far right;
  • The Tory party leadership race;
  • The matchwomen’s central role in the labour movement,

Jun 15, 2019

In episode 6 of Podaganda, journalists Ben Cowles and Steve Sweeney are joined by their Morning Star comrade Ceren Sagir to discuss:


  • The Tory leadership candidates (5:10)
  • The German sea-captain Pia Klemp who faces 20 years in an Italian jail for rescuing migrants in the Mediterranean (32:55)
  • Mike Pompeo’s leaked...

Jun 8, 2019

IN this special bonus episode, Podaganda's Ben Cowles speaks with Sudanese Translators for Change activist Raga Makawi about the ongoing revolution in Sudan. 

Show notes

Follow the Sudanese Translators for Change on Twitter via @SudaneseTc

Steve, Ben and the rest of the Morning Star crew's coverage of Sudan can be...

Jun 5, 2019

After a two-week hiatus, Podaganda Episode 5 is here. Journalists Ben Cowles and Steve Sweeney discuss:

  • The Blairite-Tory alliance party Change UK splitting / Theresa May’s resignation / and Donald Trump’s visit to Britain (2:11)
  • The Turkish state objects to Kurdish journalist Seda Taskin’s acquittal claiming her...